“The basic question in Entertainment Science is ‘Why do human beings pay so much attention to stories and characters that don’t even exist? Why are stories so important to us?’”

We meet David Graham, founder of entertainment consultancy Attentional, and learn about mirror neurons, instinctive empathy for stories and characters, why Sorkin’s Studio 60 had to fail, and what kind of programming he would love to see in Europe.

We also learned that “empathy” was infact “invented” by a German. Who would have thought! As Wikipedia says: “Robert Vischer (22 February 1847, Tübingen – 25 March 1933, Vienna) was a German philosopher who invented the term Einfühlung (esthetic sympathy, later translated in English as empathy), which was to be promoted by Theodor Lipps, Freud’s admired philosopher.”

“Essentially, People Buy People. Would you buy something from a person that you instantly didn’t like? — Science tells us that it takes 2-3 seconds to subconsciously like or dislike a person. So, the art of the pitch is to establish trust with people in the shortest possible time.”

During the Entertainment Masterclass we sit down with Paul Boross, better known as The Pitch Doctor. We talk about trust issues, comedy, Richard Branson and why asking questions makes all the difference.

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