What would happen if you use the wisdom of the crowds and develop a television format entirely through crowdsourcing?
We are about to find out.  Israel’s Armoza Formats have teamed up with Ireland’s Screentime ShinAwiL for what promises to be the ‘biggest brainstorming in television history.’

TV BY THE PEOPLE is led by EMC Alumni and digital luminary Daniel Ravner (Head of Digital, Armoza Formats) and EMC Faculty & Advisory Board Member Larry Bass (CEO, Screentime ShinAwiL). Bass, the master of Irish primetime entertainment,  brought pretty much every big show from Dragon’s Den to The Apprentice, MasterChef and most recently The Voice to Irish screens and certainly knows how to adapt a big idea to a local market and make it click with the audience. Tel Aviv-based Ravner does not only hail from the hot-bed of tv technology innovation but is also an esteemed scholarship recipient of the ENTERTAINMENT MASTER CLASS (EMC).

We spoke with the two master minds behind “TV BY THE PEOPLE” in a 3-way Skype call between Dublin, Tel-Aviv & Berlin:

TVBTP is certainly an ‘EMC United Project’ – with Daniel & Larry both stating in the interview that this wouldn’t have happened without the EMC.
Larry Bass: ‘There are two basic principles behind the Entertainment Master Class. One, the passing-on of all the accumulated knowledge in tv executives from the world of entertainment television to the next generation. But also to learn about the next phase of tv development from the new generation. And this is also part of what we’ve got here. Daniel does represent this new thinking and new digital world. Connecting both is a very exciting prospect.”

Best of luck to the TVBTP team – and we will certainly keep you updated throughout the project.



Everybody can submit an idea on the TVBTP website by MAY 18, 2013.
Needs to be in English, limited to 500 characters of text.

“The next big show idea might not come from somebody in television” as Larry Bass tells us in the interview.  So everybody from every corner of the world is invited to participate. The crowd will help to further develop and guide the idea – and an internationally experienced producer team is on hand to get it ‘in the can onto the screen’.

Note: “ The process of crowd sourcing calls for ideas that provoke the imagination and set a destination, yet allow plenty room for the wisdom of the crowds to develop and enrich them.”

So: be concise, be provocative, hit the Zeitgeist, real life issues or simply the fun with an idea that gets people engaged to contribute.


The winners will be announced in the last week of May.

As Daniel Ravner says in the interview “Most television executives will not go for the really new, risky idea” – but this exactly what the TVBTP team wants. “We are looking for something that is new & fresh. Something that will cut through the shows that are currently on air or talked about or sold. If it is already out there, we won’t select it,” says Larry Bass.

Whereas most television shows are first pitched nationally, this is a truly global project that calls for a universally big theme and an idea that resonates with people internationally. It needs to have that extra layer of cross-cultural fit and commercial viability. “A great creative idea is not enough. Television has lots of creative talent,” emphasizes Daniel Ravner. “The ‘next big thing’ will also have to hit a cultural mentality” — and most likely will take place across multiple screens.

“The winner will be chosen based on the merit of the idea, its commercial potential and its aptitude to a crowd sourcing project. Three ideas will make it to week one and the crowds will join the process of narrowing the choice to one.”

Among the countries that have submitted ideas so far are UK, Taiwan, Australia, Portugal, US, Canada, India, Ireland, Germany, Israel, France – ‘and every country in between’.

A focus group of over 700 selected people is already on hand for the big brainstorm and world-renowned crowd-wisdom researcher and TED speaker Lior Zoref will help guide this massive social production experiment and put method to the crowd madness.

Zoref also orchestrated the first crowd-sourced TED talk: http://www.ted.com/profiles/825612

It certainly sounds like a gigantic logistical challenge. The TVBTB Q&A site has detailed information on all you need to know.


First of all you are part of TV history – and you will really get to know the process of developing and creating television formats from the inside.

But you can also win:
$2500 one time fee to the contributor of the wining idea.
15 percent ownership in the format, and related revenues.
and … 4 Ipads Minis

For more information read the section ‘What does getting ownership in the format actually mean?’ in the TVBTP Q&A.


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