+++ Markus Davies, Freelance Producer, South Africa | Alumni EMC 2010 +++

Markus’ Series Battleground Afghanistan’  is launching in the States on National Geographics on Monday, 1st July:

And: Principle photography on Jamie Oliver’s Dream School SA is starting.

For more information check: YOU

+++ Nimrod Geva, Head of Content, Quizzical Pictures, South Africa | Alumni EMC 2010 +++

“Our new sitcom “Single Guys” is going into production on the 15th July. The show is about three best buddies who desperately want girlfriend but have each other instead.” Nim Geva is executive producer on the show and head of content development at Quizzical Pictures.

+++ Jan Maxa, Director Content Development, Czech TV, Czech Republic | Alumni EMC 2010 +++

Jan has been working hard to bring Czech TV back in the international TV co-production and presales arena. “We are talking to public broadcasters in all the neighboring countries – Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland – but are very interested in discussing joint opportunities with any public broadcaster in Europe or even farther away. We joined the Danish-German historical series production “1864″ as a presale partner and we are in talks with German producers about entering projects related to WW1 as a co-producer. And, at this year’s Karlovy Vary International Film festival, we are co-hosting a panel “Universality in TV development”, with participants such as David Levine, Vice President of Original Programming at HBO, and Cary Brokaw, the producer of shows such as Path to War, Normal and Angels in America. Come, if you have time!”

+++ Andy Murrow, Last Ditch Television, UK | Alumni EMC 2009 +++

Andy has consolidated the music publishing side of his business with the acquisition of a large catalog from the international songwriter Nigel Orchard. For a taste of what’s available see: www.nigelorchardsongwriter.com
Songs, music, jingles and title tracks can also be produced “to order” so do think about contacting Last Ditch Television for any special music requirements.

+++ Gregory Odutayo, CEO, Royal Roots Studios, Nigeria | Alumni EMC 2009 +++

Gregory’s production company, Royal Roots Studios, earlier this year produced Nigeria’s first Cooking Game show, tagged “The Knorr Taste Quest” for its client Unilever Nigeria. The show was a platform for showcasing foodies in Nigeria as they exhibit various cooking skills.

Shot over 13 weeks, Knorr Taste Quest had renowned Nigerian Chef Dr. Roberts as the Head Judge and Chef Fregz as Sous Chef as well as Nigeria’s popular radio personality DJ Manny as presenter was shot in-studio with a compliment of 8 cameras. The Knorr Taste Quest has over 500 entries and episode 1 started off with a shortlist of 21 contestants who fought head-to-head every week to decide the numero-uno in culinary matters in Nigeria.

After 13 weeks of competing with fellow contestants, Lalu Sudirham emerged as the winner of the Knorr Taste Quest competition. He walked away with a Brand New 2013 Hyundai Elantra and loads of other prizes. Preparations for the Knorr Taste Quest Season 2 have started in earnest and regional auditions are expected to commence soon as Unilever and Royal Roots are rolling up their sleeves to make Season 2 “Bigger and Better”

Royal Roots who are producers of wave making TV show in Nigeria – Deal or No Deal Nigeria, My Mum & I, Bella’s Place etc comprises experienced creative minds whose purpose is driven by a desire and hunger to meet clients’ diverse demands in production services, media production as well as excellent production values all over the world.

+++ Jo-Ann Strauss, Freelance Producer, South Africa | Alumni EMC 2011 +++

“I have managed to get my show GLAMBITION on air (still mentioned it when we had the Module in SA), and it’s now the 3rd biggest talk show in my country

Check out: www.glambition.tv