Our Module-Tutor, Tony Humphreys, is looking back onto an enriching and funny week of the “Sitcom-and-Comedy”-Module in Cologne:

“For the second year running, the 2013 EMC Comedy Module was hosted in the German city of Cologne. The participants, as usual, came from all over the world (the Ukraine, Finland, Israel, France, Sweden, the UK, the US, Japan, Korea, just to name a few), and their openness to share their considerable professional expertise and experiences with each other was apparent right from day one which added greatly to the value of the module. We had a terrific line up of speakers, many of whom were speaking at the EMC for the first time and I’m sure will be invited back! Alongside them were some of our old friends, so we were able to cover a multitude of comedy topics which ranged from workshops on how to develop comedy concepts and script edit comedy scripts to sessions asking “should comedy offend?” to “the role of the agent”. In addition, the underlying theme of the week was to look at how comedy is developing in the online environment and what impact that is having on comedy content generally and also on tradition broadcasters.

One of the special features of the Comedy Module that has developed over the past three years, is how the speakers themselves now stay around longer to sit in on the other sessions. The additional exchanges that usually result from having other speakers in the room really adds depth to the shared experience of the module and allows more time for speakers and participants to get to know and understand more about each other, what they do, their territory and challenges.

I would like to thank all of the speakers and participants who came to the Comedy Module this year for making it such a fun and enriching experience!”

Tony Humphreys
Comedy-Module-Tutor / Entertainment Master Class
June 2013