In Dialogue: Entertainment meets Tech

TV Channels are going online, artists and producers discover the internet as a direct route to the audience, Google and Netflix are bankrolling original content production, brands are investing in technology start-ups; every industry player is searching for new markets and new revenue streams without cannibalizing their core business. Is TV as we know it dead – or just at the beginning of a new era?

In this new ‘dialogue format’, international television executives debate with digital media entrepreneurs and brands how their roles, objectives and stakeholders have changed. They will share insights and strategies about how to remain relevant and ultimately win the fight for audience attention – whatever device the viewers might be watching their content on.

2 – 2:45 pm
The New Entertainment Entrepreneurs -
How to Navigate the New Business of Show Business

David Lyle, CEO, National Geographic Channels, Washington D.C., USA
Wil Harris, Founder and CEO, ChannelFlip, London, UK

NatGeo TV Channel Chief and long-term TV producer David Lyle meets Wil Harris, founder and CEO of leading made-for-web video network ChannelFlip. Harris will present lessons learned from ChannelFlip’s recent involvement in ‘Comedy Week’ and ‘Geek Week’, YouTube’s first forays into live global event programming. Together they will debate where new talent and format ideas come from and how relevant the mass-media role and market power of television remains for content producers and advertisers.

2:45 – 3:30 pm
Renaissance for Content Creators -
How Shows Become Global Super Brands Across All Screens

Anna Brakenhielm, CEO, Scandinavian Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
David Nahmani, Director Partnerships, Orange (France Telecom), Paris, France

Anna Bråkenhielm, one of Scandinavia’s most renowned TV entrepreneurs meets David Nahmani, Director Partnerships at Orange and part of the company’s global innovation division. Anna first brought ‘Survivor’ onto television in Sweden and paved the way for the format’s continued global success. Since then she has built and sold a number of fast-growing production companies with a roaster of global format brands. Together they will discuss if creating a ‘hit’ show or product is down to luck or the result of a meticulous plan, how to build profitable content businesses across all platforms, and how brands, broadcasters, producers and technology start-ups can effectively collaborate.

David Lyle

Wil Harris

Anna Brakenhielm

David Nahmani