“Developing Formats” Master Class – Cologne | June 2014

A Review - by Matt Kot

June 2014, was my introduction to the EMC Academy, and what an introduction it was. I’d booked my place on the ‘Developing Formats’ course, the first module, of a four part course described as peer to peer education. Not really knowing what to expect, I hoped that I might learn some insights into the TV industry and maybe make a contact or two, but what I got, was really a whole lot more than that.

From the moment I met all the other participants at the group introduction dinner (after being an hour late, having forgot to change my clock to German time!) I instantly felt part of a wonderful, enthusiastic and passionate group of individuals, who, already have a vast understanding about the industry, but were eager to learn more. After dinner, and when more had been said about what the following days would entail, I headed for bed, excited about who I was going to meet and what I was going to learn, safe in the knowledge that this was going to be an event I’d be very glad I attended.

Day one of the course came, and it was over to MMC studios for a full day of lectures, actually, I should use the word conversations, because that’s exactly what they were, the industry experts weren’t there to lecture, they were the to share their knowledge, answers your questions and help you understand ways in which to excel in the industry. The information and knowledge they provided was second to none (my brain took in so much information, that when I got home, I slept for 20 hours!) it covered so much about the industry, from so many angles, from creative inspiration and marketing, to the latest technology and legalities. I cannot thank the industry leaders who spoke at the event enough, they were people whose aim is not only to make great TV, but to enrich and support others whose aim is to make great TV. Their openness and approachability, was incredible, after classes finished, they weren’t off on the next plane, they stayed, willing to talk to whoever wanted to ask more questions, or find out about particular aspects of the industry. In short, they were there to enhance and develop the careers of the participants, and in an industry with so many people, and so little time, this was extra special.

I’m aware that there are other courses out in the industry, some may state that they are the best, but for me, the EMC is the master of master classes. The reason is simple, it was created by people in the industry, for people in the industry, to share knowledge and information about the industry, from industry veterans, something that is so often kept under lock and key within corporations, so to keep a monopoly over any potential competition, and claim that they and only they, know the best way to make programmes That is why the EMC would never make it as a top secret spy, it reveals all of the industry secrets to all it’s participants! After the course had ended, everyone said their goodbyes, knowing that since meeting each other, their professional lives had been enriched, by the people they had met at the EMC.

Thank You, Matt – and Thank You All Class of 2014 – It was a pleasure hosting you in Cologne – and see you again in Berlin, New York and Cambridge!