#MCB15 – Reid Hastings talks Life Lessons and Unexpected Career Turns from Math Teacher to Accidental Hollywood Honcho

“Ultimately what we want Netflix to be is a global voice for film and tv – we want to work with the best creators from around the world”

Data is misunderstood. The more emotional something is, the more you should use your judgement.” - You should use data for your stock portfolio, but judgement to choose a spouse. Netflix uses data mainly for advertising and marketing, not for creative production.

“Netflix audience suffer from the #SpotifyEffect – The user expectation to stream content globally immediately after release.” - Unfortunately the TV & film markets don’t work that way. However, Netflix is establishing a new model to break down national barriers for its own original programming: “We can’t wait for the commission, they may or may not pass rules. … We are going to try and solve the problem [of cross-border demand] commercially.”

“When you are successful just reframe the lense – and you’ll always stay the underdog” - Although Netflix might be considered to become a bigger player in content, by comparison – production budget is $3bn vs ZDF’s $8bn.

“What you do in Hollywood when u want to sell a show is plant a rumor that Netflix is gonna do it” - So no, there’s no Legends of Zelda coming to Netflix.

“It’s the tension of ‘Bloodline’ versus the mirth of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’“ – On what is on his Netflix Watchlist.