Ahead of the PITCHING IDEAS MASTER CLASS in Cologne, EMC Faculty Director David Lyle talks about what to expect from programme.

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1. Which field of entertainment and genres does the EMC programme cover?

DL: We enjoy being across all the genres of entertainment content from drama to unscripted and being across different platforms‎ from linear broadcast television to digital spaces. We haven’t had gamers involved to date but that would be stimulating. What is exciting about the broad range of material is it allows to find the commonality in all entertainment and be energized by the difference unique to each type.

2. What participants are we looking for – and what should be their qualification?

DL: It is a Master Class so we are looking for participants who have already done quite a bit in their field‎ but want to step up to the next stage. The ideal participant is not measured by what they’ve done but what they are ready to achieve and how much they can contribute to the group and absorb from the experience.

3. It is the first time that an entire master class day will be opened to the public and hosted in collaboration with the Medienforum – what are you looking forward to? 

DL: It is great to stage this first EMC of the year at the Medienforum NRW because it is a great place to bring our guest speakers to see the energy of the entertainment TV community in Cologne. But just as exciting is giving a much wider audience at the Medienform‎ a chance to have a glimpse at what we do in our sessions – the interactions between the diverse range of participants and the guest speakers can be magic.