Why the digital transformation program is essential for industry leaders

TV viewing behaviour is shifting globally. The process may be different in every territory, but the underlying trends are the same: eyeballs shift from passive devices to connected interactive devices, the rise of global disruptors and content discovery shifting to social media. Best practices will often be applicable in many territories as trends and players are identical.

In response to this changing reality, traditional broadcasters worldwide are transforming to multi screen video publishers. This transformation process not only impacts technology, structure and business, but also content creation, program marketing and commercial product development. Managing this transformation process is the key challenge for senior management in the years to come. It requires restructuring, new processes, new people and new products to be created.

To support senior management in these transformation processes, Entertainment Masterclass, Coming Next and VAST MEDIA have teamed up to create the Digital Transformation Program. By joining our program broadcasters create a solid basis for guiding their organisations through this impactful process. It consists of international benchmarks, exchange of best practices and structured peer-reviews.

For participating broadcasters it is a solid foundation for your own strategy setting, knowledge sharing and change management. It inspires with the latest insights and ideas for content creations, helps you understand how the business side of the operations is changing and keeps you up-to-date with the latest technological developments. The knowledge is collected globally, tailored to your specific needs and can then be actively pushed deep into your organisation by internal and external thought leaders.

What is the digital transformation program?

The Digital Transformation Program is a two-year effort that engages the organization on many levels: company wide in-company seminars, deep dive masterclasses for senior management, executive updates for the board and external peer reviews for the digital thought leaders in your own company. The modular setup and tailored individual modules bring a lot of value, while still adapting your specific needs. The Digital Transformation Program is developed by The Entertainment Masterclass, Coming Next TV and VAST MEDIA. Together they bring a combination of cutting edge best practices research, a global database of digital case studies and the unparalleled experience of the EMC faculty members.

Our modular design approach

Even though the industry is going through similar changes in the process of digital transformation, every company faces different challenges. We are aware of that and adapt the program according to your interests and needs. On the next page you can see the modular program in more details.

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