EMC Alumni Campus


CAMBRIDGE | January 16 – 19, 2014

The EMC Alumni Campus reunited faculty and alumni from the past 6 years and was hosted across Cambridge University’s iconic Kings College, Corpus Christie and the Judge Business School.

A one-day master class on ‘Managing Innovation’ was hosted in collaboration with the Judge Business School on Friday, January 18.

Topics include:

Navigating the social dimensions of technological innovation
Entertainment organizations face increasing competition for individuals’ downtime. In this session we used a social lens to discuss the challenges of managing innovation and the strategic importance of understanding the market dynamics of high technology products. The goal in this session was to provide a framework for understanding the ways in which innovative products, services and business models emerge, and for discussing how strategic thinking must be adapted in technology businesses.

Learning How to Compete: the Fundamentals of Business Strategy
How a firm creates and sustain a cost-leadership advantage or manages to differentiate itself from its competitors are central to the strategy process. This session introduced new insights into the definition, positioning and implementation of the two main generic strategies (cost leadership and differentiation) within a given industry. It discussed in further details the notions of strategic choices, trade-offs and consistency in strategic decisions.

Value Innovation (Blue Ocean Strategy) and the creation of New Market Space
This session complemented the traditional approaches to strategy with the innovative concepts and frameworks of value innovation and blue ocean strategy.

KEYNOTE – Prof. Dame Sandra Dawson on managing innovation in complex and turbulent environments