The Road to Success in Non-scripted Formats and Factual Programming in Asia.

Whether you are producing or commissioning programmes, whether you are creating ideas, selling or buying: the international business of entertainment is changing dramatically. But how do you develop an idea ‘from scratch to screen’ and build it into a business?

The international business of entertainment is complex, even for the most experienced players. Where do you scout what’s hot on the international marketplace and adapt it for the Asian market? And in return: How do you pitch and sell home-grown format ideas to international buyers? How do you develop a business case for your show and what are potential revenue streams? How do you do deals? How to you turn commissions into cash? How can you own and protect your entertainment properties? How does ‘digital’ change the game and how can you capitalize on the growing opportunities in social media, mobile and branded entertainment? How can newcomers break in to the market?

This 1-day event focused on the essential ‘How To’ and targets producers and executives from across the entertainment industry who want to learn directly from international industry experts.

MIPAcademy is produced by Reed MIDEM (producer of MIPTV & MIPCOM) and Reed Exhibitions Singapore in collaboration with The Entertainment Master Class and took place in conjunction with Asia TV Forum and Market, in Singapore. 

When: December 6, 2013
Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Registration: For more information, visit the ATF website.

The MIPAcademy offers a brilliant opportunity to come and listen, question and challenge some of the TV industry’s major figures. Its informative but informal and, deliberately, very interactive. In the rapidly changing media maelstrom, our speakers are there to start a meaningful dialogue rather than to simply tell you how it is.         
— Ben Hall, Managing Director, Chalkboard TV — MIPAcademy Singapore Course Director

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    Hear the stories behind the creation and production of some of the worlds biggest format brands
    Learn about the global format business and SE Asia’s increasingly important place within it
    See the latest global format hits before anyone else
    Fresh perspectives and insight on global format trends
    Understand the issues and listen to the debate
What you will learn:
  • PRODUCTION BEST PRACTICE: The best approach in executing an unscripted format that will win in ratings and bring in advertisers’ dollars.
  • SUCCESS CASE STUDIES IN ASIA: What are the elements that contribute to the success of the shows that have won Asia’s audience attention.
  • ART AND SCIENCE OF PITCHING: What goes into a pitch to get the green light in non-scripted and factual. What are broadcasters and programmers look for in a pitch?
  • DIGITAL & DISTRIBUTION: Having a good piece of content is not enough, how can we leverage  the power of digital platforms to reach the target audience.
  • DEALMAKING: What’s Asia best practice when it comes to content distribution?


OPENING: Ben Hall – Course Director, MIPAcademy Singapore

10.00 – 10.45
Fresh TV from around the world – presented by the WIT
Virginia Mouseler, The WIT, Switzerland
Join the whistle stop tour of the freshest formats and factual hits from all over the TV world complete with promos and all the information you need. It was also your chance to ‘vote’ on whether or not you think they have any chance of making it in your market!

11.00 – 12.00
How to format the show and turn it into a global entertainment business
Rob Clark, FremantleMedia, UK
FremantleMedia are one of the biggest producers of hit formats in the world with production companies in more than 20 countries worldwide. They are the company behind global franchises such as Idols,  The X Factor, Got Talent, The Farmer Wants a Wife, The Apprentice and Take Me Out. How do they work to ensure that their shows have the best possible chance of becoming these global hits?

12.00 – 1.00  LUNCH

1.00 – 1.45
How to navigate the changing landscape of non-fiction
Tom Jennings, 1895 Films/ Tom Jennings Productions, United States
The documentary genre is undergoing a significant shift with increasing challenges to get ‚serious’ work on the air. But could applying documentary techniques and investigative journalism tactics mixed with a cinematic approach also infuse innovation and depths into factual entertainment? Award-winning television and documentary movie producer Tom Jennings shared insights on how to create work that tackles relevant topics of our society and make it appealing to networks.

2.00 – 2.45
How to successfully develop & produce local formats
Na Young Suk, CJ Entertainment tvN, South Korea
Beryl Yan, Hunan TV, China
The current reality of the global format market is that it is dominated by English language and European businesses and ideas. But Asia is a real hub of creativity and there are broadcasters and producers working hard to ensure that their formats make it on screen and get the attention they deserve. This was the chance to hear the stories of two very successful Asian shows:  ‘Super Girl / Super Boy’- the talent show that drew the largest audiences in the history of Chinese television and the Korean smash hit ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ which features the unlikely combination of grandpas (and veteran celebrities) backpacking in Europe.

3.00 – 3.45
THE NEW GAME-CHANGERS: YouTube, Social TV, Second Screen, Branded Content
How to engage audiences across multi screens and manage multi-stakeholder teams
Michael McKay, activeTV,  Australia
Social media integration and brand-funded content have been heatedly discussed as new game-changers in television. However, few get it right. ‘Driving Change’, the 360-degree series produced by activeTV Asia and media agency MEC, is one of the success stories. Host Henry Golding travels across Southeast Asia to make a difference to communities around the region and harnesses the power of social media to rally support from the audience. activeTV’s President Michael McKay shared how the project got off the ground, how to manage and collaborate with different stakeholders, the lessons learned in producing a true multiplatform show and how success is measured beyond ratings.

3.45 – 4.15  COFFEE BREAK

4.15 – 5.00
How to prepare the perfect pitch for non-scripted formats
Ben Hall,  Chalkboard TV, UK
A great pitch cannot save a bad idea but it can certainly elevate a good idea into a great one. Self-confessed ‘Pitch Lover’ Ben Hall has been on both sides of the table in giving and receiving pitches and shared in this session his views on what works and what really doesn’t!

5.15 – 6.00
How to sell your entertainment properties around the world
Matthew Ashcroft, Shine International, Australia
Mikiko Nishiyama, Nippon Television, Japan
Ann Christine Siljan, Nordic World, Norway
Michel Rodrigue, The Format People, US
Our panel of experts took centre stage to share with you their thoughts on what is happening in the world of format and factual distribution at the moment and also to talk us through the best and worst deals that they have ever done!