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Adi Hasak

Adi Hasak serves as creator, executive producer and showrunner on USA Network’s critically acclaimed crime thriller “Eyewitness,” which he set up as a straight-to-series order. The series, which premiered in the U.S. in 2016, was adapted by Hasak from the Norwegian drama “Øyevitne”.

Hasak also serves as creator and executive producer on the NBC drama “Shades of Blue,” which he wrote on spec and got green lit straight-to- series, starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, directed by Barry Levinson. The hit series’ third season is premiering in January 2018.

Hasak’s new series has yet to be announced, but has a “Narcos”-like feel and takes place in Europe in the early ‘70s. It is being produced by Canal Studios and begins production in late Summer 2018.

Hasak was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and raised in Israel and the U.S. Following seven years in the military, Hasak worked as a journalist before coming to Hollywood and writing for television and film.

In addition, Hasak is a frequent collaborator with Luc Besson. They have jointly written and produced “3 Days to Kill,” starring Kevin Costner, and “From Paris With Love,” starring John Travolta.

Hasak also wrote “Killer

Elite,” which was the original pilot for “Generation Kill.”