Person details

Anda Ackx lives near Brussels in Belgium. During her studies ‘Communication management and journalism’ she rolled into the world of media and television. That was in 1995 and she hasn’t left since. She started as a production assistant at D&D Productions and she was part of the team that started up the first Flemish youth channel JIMtv. In 2001 she moved on to Eyeworks , where she worked as a producer on programs such as “Dancing With The Stars”, “Belgium’s Next Topmodel”, “You are what you eat” & “The Brainiest Kid”.

In 2008 she decided to follow her passion for music and temporarily left the television business to start working as a music programmer and executive producer for Studio Brussel, the trendy radiostation of  VRT.

Anda eventually returned back to television and is currently working for the television  production company deMENSEN as an executive producer. She is now in preproduction for the new season of Villa Vanthilt, a summer talkshow with famous Belgian host Marcel Vanthilt. Anda is also part of the management team at deMENSEN.

In her spare time, Anda Ackx is a DJ and a party organiser. She loves books and modern architecture.