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Anika Giese
Head of Video and Business Development Virtual Reality at Axel Springer SE

Anika Giese is Head of Video for the Berlin-based brands BILD Berlin and B.Z.. In addition she is overseeing the Virtual Reality activities for Axel Springer on a coorporate level. As a journalist and content producer she is excited to push the journey towards breakthrough apps and world-class content – there aren’t any yet. Anika just got back from a three month Silicon Valley fellowship based in Mountain View for Axel Springer. During that stay she held the position Business Development for Video while focusing on business models for video and audio. The journalist focused on in-depth knowledge of video technologies, licensing and distribution models. She deeply cares about the merits of journalism and loves moving images. No wonder for several years she has been working for the ARD as a director for documentaries and for the BBC History & Business format development.