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Ann-Marlene Henning
Author, Psychologist, Sexologist, TV host

Ann-Marlene Henning was born in Viborg, Denmark and studied Neuropsychology at the University of Hamburg, Germany and Sexology in Copenhagen. Afterwards she graduated as couples therapist and gained further education in seminars of famous couples therapist Dr. David Schnarch. Furthermore she completed her education as a sexual therapist at the institute “Sexocorporel” in Switzerland. Over the years she worked as a psychologist in a brain rehabilitation center in Vejle Denkmark, but also as a model, actress and singer in between, whenever possible. Since 2008 though, she has been continuously working as a sexual therapist in Hamburg, also producing a film-blog ( and still writing articles and books, all on her special topic: sexuality. Since 2013 she hosts her own TV-Show MAKE LOVE that achieved outstanding audience rates on German TV. Currently Ann-Marlene is writing MAKE LOVE, a sexual educational book for grown-ups. Her first book MAKE LOVE (for teenagers) was a bestseller and nominated for the “Jugendbuchpreis”.