Person details

Graduated with honors from Concordia International University in Estonia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in International Business and Marketing.

Returning to Lithuania in 2000 dedicated himself to his passion for visual production and worked as a film production assistant on British and German co-productions with Lithuanian Film Studio. After a few years in film, he experienced various roles such as an assistant producer, producer, writer, director and video editor on different prime time TV shows both in Lithuania and Latvia. 8

As a Producer he had a range of experience going from live music, outdoor reality to studio game shows. Back in 2008 he joined one of Lithuania’s biggest media groups and since then acts as a producer in Lietuvos rytas TV a channel recently acquired by the media group Lietuvos Rytas in Lithuania. After some successful adoptions of worldwide famous classics such as “Family Feud” or “What’s My Line” his main focus is now settled on multi platform formats and studio game shows.