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Founder and CEO, Armoza Formats, Israel

Avi is one of Israel’s leading film and television producers, with extensive experience in the field of executive management and corporate development.

In 2005, he founded Armoza Formats, and has led it to become a key player in the international formats market, spearheading the emergence of innovative and compelling content with a cross-platform perspective.

Prior to founding Armoza Formats, Avi Armoza was the VP of Content and Business Development at the Jerusalem Capital Studios (JCS), Israel leading Media Company, where he had overall management responsibility for the company’s productions and content creation activity. In that position Avi was also responsible for the JCS corporate business development activity in Israel and abroad, and initiated the establishing of Chooz, Israel’s first original mobile content creator.

Avi has been working in television and film business for more than 18 years as a producer and a senior executive. He began his tenure at JCS in 1993 when he founded JCS Production that has grown to be Israel largest independent production house, specializing in high genre productions (Feature films, drama and sitcom),entertainment programs and documentaries.
He is credited for over ten feature films and made-for-TV, including “Colombian Love” (2004), which has recently been acquired for a Hollywood remake and “Paper Snow” (2003, Israeli Academy Award). He is also credited for numerous dramas and TV-series including “War Room” (2005, Israel most prestigious TV drama).