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Brooke Allison "Brookers" Brodack
Viral Video Maker

Brooke Allison “Brookers” Brodack is a creative individual but most well know at the moment as a viral video maker, believed to be the first performer to have been discovered on the website Youtube and offered a contract from the mainstream media. She began posting her short comedic videos on her “Brookers” YouTube channel in September 2005. By June 2006 they had earned her an 18-month development contract from Carson Daly the host of a late night show on NBC and former VJ on MTV.
From July 3 to August 17, 2006, her “Brookers” channel was the most subscribed on YouTube. She was named a “Crazy Crossover Star” by the Wall street journal on its New Media Power List on July 29, 2006.
Brodack directs, edits, and performs in her videos, most of which have been set in and around her family home in Holden Massachusetts. The New Yorker has called her videos “defiantly madcap.”
Taken together, they have received more than 40 million views on her “Brookers” YouTube channel alone. Her single most popular video, “CRAZED NUMA FAN!!!!”, a lip-sync parody of an earlier internet phenomenon, Numa Numa by Gary Brolsma
(itself a parody of “Dragonsta Din Tea” by OZone), has been viewed on YouTube over 7.4 million times. Her video “Chips”, a spoof
suspense drama about eating potato chips, has been called “brilliant” by Entertainment Weekly, which has listed it among the
“great moments in YouTube history.” In November 2007, she released, “Ozzy’s Magical Glasses n’ Stuff,” a viral video advertisement for a live auction of Ozzy Osbourne’s items on the Auction Network, LLC. She has experimented with non-comic videos as well, such as the wistful meditation, “The Falling.” Brooke is overall a creative individual, an artist. She has turned
down more than half of the video projects and proposals that have been presented to her, she refuses to only work on projects that
she feels passionately about. At this current moment in time she is trying figure out what it is she wants to do and where she wants to go in life both travel wise and career wise. “Simply Taking life day by day not really sure what the next day is going to bring or where my next pay check will come from but it’s usually always interesting when you don’t plan for it.”