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Chris Geletneky
Vice Manager, Executive Producer, Headwriter, Brainpool TV

Chris Geletneky has been a freelancer at Brainpool TV since 2001. In August 2007, Chris became Vice Manager, Executive Producer and Headwriter at Brainpool TV where he is responsible in particular for the expansion of the talent pool (artists and writers). As Headwriter and Creative Producer, he has produced the multiple award-winning comedy show “Ladykracher” (Sat.1)
(awarded “Deutsche Fernsehpreis” – German Television Award), “Anke Late Night” (Sat.1), “Ladyland” (Sat.1), (awarded “Deutsche Comedypreis” – German Comedy Award), “Pastewka” (Sat.1) (awarded “Deutsche Fernsehpreis”) and “Kinder, Kinder” (RTL), for Brainpool TV.