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Co-CEO & Creative Director, Artza Productions

Dafna is the Creative Director and C0-CEO of Artza Production, an innovative production house based in Israel. Artza has a versatile portfolio ranging from drama series and feature films to high-end documentaries and non-scripted formats.

After graduating from NYU Tisch School for film and television in 1994, Dafna began her career working in Israel’s cable platform ICP. Over the next 14 years a string of executive positions with various broadcasters followed from Head of Israel’s Documentary Channel (cable) to VP Content with Ananey Communications (Cable and Satellite), to Head of Drama at Channel 10 (commercial).

Her last executive position was as VP Programming at Channel 10 where she oversaw all original productions for the channel from drama and documentary to entertainment and reality.

In 2008 Dafna joined Artza Production, a small production company focusing on new media, in the decade that passed Dafna, together with her partner Shai Eines, shifted the focus of the company towards TV and successfully turned Artza to one of Israel’s most respected production houses.