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Dr. David Good
Fellow of King's College, University of Cambridge

Dr David Good is a psychologist who has broad interests in human interaction and the consequences which follow for the individuals involved, personally, practically and socially. He teaches in the Dept of Social & Developmental Psychology and is a Fellow of King’s College. Until 2008, he was the Education Director for the Cambridge MIT Institute. He is a member of the University of Cambridge Council, and is a lay member of the Council of the Royal College of Art. In 2001, he established the Crucible Network with Alan Blackwell to forge relationships between Technology researchers and those in the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences around the design of new technologies, and the development of technology policy, see
David’s work on human communication has ranged from the evolution of language, to everyday conversation, to communication breakdown in various psychopathologies. In recent years, he has focussed on interaction through and with new information technologies, and the impact they are having and will be likely to have on people and society. Recently, his focus has been on the
study of information and communication technologies, and the use of ideas from human communication in the design of novel ICT. In his work for the Cambridge MIT Institute, David initiated many educational interventions to develop educational materials and practices for the 21st Century, especially those relevant to developing entrepreneurial skills and abilities. His work on ICT and Education has come together in projects on new city developments with colleagues from MIT. Within the UK, this has involved working on the development of Media City UK in Salford.