Person details

David Graham
CEO Attentional Ltd., UK

David formed David Graham & Associates (DGA) in 1990 to develop data and research services for independent TV and film producers in the UK. The company became Attentional Ltd in 2007. David’s career in broadcasting began in Toronto, Canada and continued at the BBC, where David was a producer in the Current Affairs department of BBC Network Television, working on Nationwide, Panorama and The Money Programme. In 1980, David was invited to form his own company by Jeremy Isaacs, head of newly-formed Channel 4. Diverse Production is still making excellent programmes today as part of the Zodiak group.

David formed Attentional in 1990 and has turned it into one of the most innovative media consultancies in the UK, with clients in the UK, US and continental Europe. David was educated at the Universities of Bristol and Indiana. He is a member of BAFTA, the Groucho Club and The Royal Television Society, which, in 2000, awarded him a medal for Outstanding Services to Television. David’s interests include new technology, media regulation, and behavioural science. policy institutes. He is author of many reports and publications. David has just completed a paper on the future funding of the BBC for the Adam Smith Institute. David was born in the UK in 1943, of British and South African parents.