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Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Orange France Telecom

David is Director of Business Development and Partnerships within Orange France Telecom.

He is part of Orange’s team, an innovation division responsible for initiating major directional changes within the group.
By looking at the evolution of customer usage trends and ecosystem transformations this team initiates new mass-market digital experiences across the Orange businesses.
The way users consume TV is now changing and a range of new usages are emerging thanks to TV meeting the Internet and Telecoms industries.

David currently focus with his international team on Business Development activities around Social TV meeting with main broadcasters, production companies, key agencies representing advertising accounts in order to develop SocialTV experiences in France, UK and China. David also created a program called Mobile Open Communities, a framework for aggregating user generated content and social networking communities activities including Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, AirG for Orange Mobile customers. Through bundling with data tariffs in major European countries, this initiative has lead to an uplift in mobile offers sales.

Prior to this David created the Orange Partner program, a developer and startup initiative to help 3rd parties finding a route to market, recruiting and retaining companies within the EMEA region.