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David Noll
Partner, Keller/Noll

Format creators Cleve Keller and Dave Noll have created over 100 formats for global partners including BBC America, Bravo, Comedy Central, Discovery, E!, Endemol, Food Network, France 2, Fremantle, Fuji, Hearst, HGTV, Lifetime, MTV, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, ProSieben, RTL, Sony, Sundance, TF1, TLC, TNT, Vh1, Yahoo and Yoshimoto. Amongst their many credits include Chopped, Chopped Champions, Chopped All-Stars, Winsanity!, Lovesong, You vs., Momentum, Your Momma Don’t Dance, Cover Shot, Rocco’s Dinner Party, No Kitchen Required, Beat the House and The One that Got Away.