Person details


Master´s Degree (Magistra Philosophiae) in Comparative Literary Studies and German Language and Literary Studies, University of Vienna

Work Experience

2005 Head of Development
2000 – 2005 Executive Producer in Development and Innovation
2000 – 2007 Host and Presenter of various Entertainment Shows
1999 – 2006  Austrian Spokespersons on the Eurovision Song Contest
1998 – 2000  Morning Show Sidekick on Hitradio ö3
1997   Presenter on Viennese private TV Cable Station Wien1

Track Record

Development: “Der große Persönlichkeitstest” (Interactive Keirsey-Test), “Der große Liebestest“, „Punschlos glücklich“ (Anti-Christmas-hysteria comedy-series; sequelled: New Year´s, Carneval, Soccer World championship), Various formats for „Donnerstag Nacht“, the Rose D´Or nominated Thursday Latenight Slots ORF1, Various Docusoaps (“Come Dance With Me”, airing February 2008 in access-to-prime), Cookery Show, “Die Jungen Wilden”, (scheduled 2008) Formats brought to and adapted for Austria: „Strictly Come Dancing“, „Britain’s Worst Driver“, „Friends Forever.