Person details

Eli founded The Box, one of Israel’s leading content and new media companies, at the young age of 21 and since then he functions as the company’s CEO.

His vision was to establish a company that will bridge the chasm between content and technology while creating seamless integration of all media platforms.

Founded in 2003, The Box is divided into two divisions – Entertainment and Advertainment.

The company specializes in creating true innovative cross media content which results in a body of work ranging from TV series to branded interactive platforms for International clients such as Nike, Coca Cola, Google, Orange, Disney, Doritos, Comverse and many more.

In 2008, Greylock Partners, one of the foremost venture capital companies in the world, has invested in The Box and provided the company with resources for its ongoing  international expansion. The company, which offices, creative and sound studios are located in Tel-Aviv, is due to open its US and European headquarters.