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Eric Wahlforss is founder and CTO of SoundCloud, the world’s leading sound platform that enables anybody to upload, record, promote and share their sounds across the web.

Frustrated by not being able to share music files easily over the Internet, Eric along with CEO and co-founder Alexander Ljung, decided to build a truly open platform for audio creators.  In his role as CTO, Eric leads the technical development and vision of SoundCloud, including driving usage of its open API by third-party developers. As of August 2011, there are currently more than six million registered users and this number is growing exponentially.

Eric’s main area of interest is in emerging web technologies and their applications.  Prior to starting SoundCloud he co-founded web consultancy network Strategy & Interaction and co-authored a book on trust in online social spaces. His experience also includes work as an interaction designer for location-based services company gate5.

Eric’s is based in Berlin and is also known as electronic music artist Forss.

We speak with Eric in Berlin about he thinks audio will actually be bigger than video: