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Erland Øverby started his professional career in Television in 1999 as a director and producer of docusoaps. He produced some of the first series made in Norway for the public Broadcaster, NRK, and the series won several awards. Erland has continued to produce a range of different docusoaps and are among the most experienced in this genre in Norway.

In 2001 Erland founded the TV production company STORYTELLER, where he in addition to docusoaps also produces reality shows and factual entertainment. The last couple of years Erland and his company have also started to develop cross media productions and have launched the world`s first docusoap for internet which was a huge success in Norway.

During his studies Erland wrote and directed the short film “DOWN, ACROSS” which won several international awards, among them Rail D`or in Cannes 1998.