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Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin
Writers, Producers and Directors, UK

Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin first met in the late 1970s at BBC Radio and have been writing together ever since. Their most recent hit is the BBC1 comedy OUTNUMBERED that they write and direct together. OUTNUMBERED has won both several awards and a large mainstream audience. The show is a very funny and minutely-observed portrait of the chaos of life with small children. The style is highly naturalistic and many scenes contain elements of improvisation as the child actors are never shown the script. Three series have been made to date and the fourth will be filmed next spring (2011). On TV, Andy and Guy have written together for shows such as NOT THE NINE O’CLOCK NEWS (BBC), SHELLEY (ITV), SPITTING IMAGE (ITV) and WHO DARES WINS (C4). Together they wrote and produced DROP THE DEAD DONKEY (C4): a comedy set in a TV newsroom that ran for six series in the 1990s and won two International Emmys. The critically-acclaimed pair also work individually. Guy has pioneered a succession of quick-topical comedy films for TV, including CROSSING THE FLOOR, that won an International Emmy, whilst Andy has written various TV series including UNDERWORLD (C4) and BEDTIME (BBC). For the past twenty years, Andy and Guy have worked almost exclusively with the independent company HAT TRICK PRODUCTIONS where they share a very untidy office writing scripts in longhand – and in pencil.