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Iepe Rubingh
President of the World Chess Boxing Organisation

I am a passionate storyteller, innovator, thinker and fighter.

Together with a remarkable team of advisors, I wrote a business plan for Chess Boxing Global, a company that is creating a professional league for chessboxing, the sport which I invented 12 years ago. Chessboxing combines the nr1 thinking sport with the nr1 fighting sport.

Now, 2.5 years later, the company has already been through many phases, suffering from the mistakes we made and growing with our successes. Ultimately, we are on a mission to create a global league that fascinates human mankind, and creates a new way of consuming sports based on the idea of intelligent entertainment.

Being on the creative side of things as an artist almost all my life I now apply these skills and mindset to developing and executing on a first class business case.

As president of the non profit amateur arm of chessboxing, the World Chess Boxing Organisation, I’ve also established a worldwide movement, with organisations in China, India, Russia, Iran, Italy, Germany, Finland, USA and Mexico. My goal as president is to create a lasting structure where everybody involved benefits from the achievements being made in the world of chessboxing.

Since I have worked both as an artist and a entrepreneur, I have developed many thoughts about innovation within the realm of the art world, that can be used in reality.

Ultimately: all I will ever do is to increase access for as many people as possible to knowledge, capital and culture.