Person details

Ivar Ragne Jenssen
Head of Development, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

Ivar is responsible for the development of new in-house produced content on all platforms (TV, Radio, Online, Mobile) and in all genres (News, Sports, Entertainment, Factual, Culture, Kids and Youth) at the public service broadcaster in Norway, NRK. Having held this position for the last six years, he has been involved in professionalizing the way NRK works. Today, the NRK way of development is widely acknowledged, and studied by many other broadcasters and production companies. The Development department headed by Ivar is also responsible for the rising success of NRK Formats, including hits such as “Never Ever do this at home” and “Teenage boss”.

Since 1982 Ivar has held a wide range of positions at NRK, from Floor Manager, Director, Producer and Project Manager to being the Editor for Light Entertainment and Events/Editor for New Media entertainment for ten years. He has been employed mainly by the Entertainment and Sports departments, and has also worked on every Olympic Games since 1992 – a total of 11 Olympic operations. Ivar also teaches at the University of Lillehammer since 2007.