Person details

Managing Director, Shotglass Media

Kat Hebden currently heads up digital for Fremantle Media UK. In 2015 she founded Shotglass Media, FremantleMedia’s digital original production label and launched The Football Republic, the fast growing digital entertainment brand and is currently acting CEO for Squawka, a football data startup. Shotglass also creates original formats for other platforms and partners such as VICE Munchies, BBC3, Radio 1 and others.

Previously she headed up digital for all Fremantle’s UK TV labels including Boundless, Thames, Talkback and Retort producing original IP and award winning interactive experiences across video, tech and social for its slate of shows including The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Apprentice, Celeb Juice and Take Me Out as well as delivering large scale commercial partnerships across these brands.