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Class 2010

Khairul  Mizan is the Vice President of Astro’s Content Development Unit.

Khairul’s vast experience in directing and producing for Astro eventually led to his promotion to Channel Manager at Astro Ria. Currently, Khairul is in charge of Content Development for Astro’s Vernacular Channels. Among the many programs that he’s produced and directed are Wheel Of Fortune (Roda Impian), Akademi Fantasia, Sports, and Anugerah Seri Angkasa (Malaysian Broadcast Awards) just to mention a few. Some of the international formats / programs Khairul has acquired include Hole in the Wall, Don’t Forget Your Lyrics, Pop Club and Telenovela Star (Anak Wayang). Astro’s Content Development Unit also strives to develop home grown formats and recently created Imam Muda which has received much attention from the international press.