Person details

Koen Lievens is a senior producer at VRT, the Flemish Public broadcaster.

Before he engaged in this job, he mostly worked in private production companies such as Woestijnvis, Beeldhuis, MediaMinds and Telesaurus/The Entertainment Group.

As a producer, Koen created and developed a range of prime-time television programs varying from talk shows, game shows, entertainment shows, reality, reportage and humour, but the major part of his time he worked on infotainment shows. Koen was the creator and producer of Hoe?Zo!, a seven season lasting prime-time science show which was a big success internationally.

Apart from being a producer, Koen works as a scriptwriter for big entertainment shows and for comedy, and he was a coach for several hosts.

Koen is currently working on a second series of ‘Zonde van de Zendtijd’, a comedy show about the media, a new game show and an infotainment show on social behaviour.

He is also a coach for other producers and editors throughout the organisation, and a lecturer on creativity and how to implement it. The last year of his career, he is actively pioneering and enhancing the creative processes of his in-house production company Entertainment.

Koen has a master’s degree in economic sciences (University of Brussels) and a master’s degree in media (University of Leuven).