Person details

Linda’s greatest passion is entertainment. Nothing brings greater pleasure to Linda than seeing an audience get swept away from their own reality, particularly in laughter. And even greater satisfaction abounds when Linda has been the catalyst behind the scenes of creating such influential entertainment.

Linda has a history rich in developing and producing a variety of primetime television shows for Australian commercial broadcasters. Linda has also spent time at some of Australia’s largest independent production companies. She has fashioned a unique and unusual creative path over the last decade by working diversely as a producer, director, script editor and writer across many genres including film and TV drama, documentary, reality, entertainment and comedy.

A hands-on producer that has worked at the grass roots, Linda has an exemplary working knowledge of television production and is in tune what an audience wants and needs. Her insight, experience, resourcefulness and dedicated approach are set to see Linda become a driving force in the international arena.

Having built a strong reputation in Australia the next adventure is Linda Ujuk Productions, a TV format boutique and creative consultancy. Linda and her associates are full of fresh ideas and unlimited energy looking to create, develop and produce thoroughly engaging, thought provoking and innovative television programs that are commercially and critically acclaimed and remembered on the world stage.