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After a short period in newspapers, Malte Andreasson started in commercial television as soon as it become legal in Sweden. At Meter Film & Television, one of the largest studios, he worked mainly in the editorial staff of daily quiz show Jeopardy, where he also became known to the audience as the picky but fair referee. In 1999, he moved to a position as commissioner at entertainment at TV4, Sweden’s largest broadcaster. He was appointed Director of Scheduling in 2002, for the one- channel operation, and set to orchestrate the buildout to the 40+ channel operation that TV4 Group had become ten years later to not only tackle but benefit from digitalization.

No matter the platform or channel, his philosophy has always been to try to understand the audience and where it is moving and to be there rather than trying to teach the audience where to go. In early 2013, this lead him to leaving TV4 in order to co-found United Screens, a startup set out to aggregate Scandinavian YouTube channels and viewing in a network as efficient as any television channel.