Person details

Film director and  creative freelancer.  His latest idea was finalist in the Content 360 contest at MIPTV 2010, and some of his works as director has been nominated for Best Art Direction, Humorous Storytelling and Animation in local Advertising  Film Festivals.

Before film direction, Marcelo, best known as Mapet, worked  as copywriter and  Art director in advertising agencies such as J. Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett  in Chile.  He worked in Berlin at Deutsche Welle TV as realisateur  in the  On Air promotion department, and has also, directed,  produced and writen a Puppets Children’s TV series  (10  chapters x 30min) for Chilean broadcasting. He lived in several European cities before settling in Chile.

Today he is focused on creating and directing transmedial storytelling based projects with inmersive interactive experience as components. His ideas are mostly, Fictional and Genere based. He works as Film Director at FABULA film production company in Chile.