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Director, The Audience

In March 2014 The Guardian awarded Mark the accolade of “Star of Tech City” describing him as “one of the people who are changing our world and helping to boost economic growth.” In June Mark was named as one of the “Silicon 60” in London’s Evening Standard List of Global Tech Entrepreneurs and in August he was named in the “1000 Most Influential” list.

All this is quite incredible for a young man who simply wanted to get his favorite artists to play shows for students whilst studying at University College London. Not having the money needed to afford to book them he stumbled upon a new student only website that existed exclusively at Harvard at the time. Its name was The Facebook. Immediately Mark began to help the artists he wanted to book establish a presence there. In return the artists would play the student shows for free. This became known as the worlds first ‘social media agency’ and before long it was acquired by the worlds largest celebrity talent agency – William Morris Endeveour. From there Mark was introduced to Sean Parker, co-founder of Facebook (and previously Napster) and the two of them helped launch a new company named theAudience.

Since that moment Mark and company have consulted with many of the most famous and powerful celebrities and public figures on the planet ranging from the likes of Hugh Jackman and Charlize Theron in Film to Usher and Pharrell Williams in Music and Tony Blair and Barck Obama and Buckingham Palace in the Public Sphere. With over 5000 of the planets A-list names on its books it is now the largest social publishing network in the world reaching over a billion people a month by controlling the publishing of these vast pages across all the social channels. This deep insight into ‘social at mass scale’ has powered their involvement in many of the most successful social campaigns of all time. From Obama’s Presidential re-election and Dove’s Beauty Sketches which won 19 Cannes Lion Awards and became the most watched online ad of all time to countless A-list Film and Album launches and the occasional viral stunt here and there.

In his speaking sessions Mark passionately shares insider information, insights, examples and opinions from these incredibly well known moments in popular culture, explaining how they were achieved and sometimes how they went wrong! Mark also outlines his view of social systems as a living organism that is nourished by conductive content and lives or dies by it.

Mark is also founder of The Social Media Unit @ UCL, the first forum in Europe exclusively dedicated to establishing a legal dialogue on this new technology. Recently Mark also partnered with University College London to create The Digital Leadership Council, which brings business and thought leaders from every discipline together to collaborate and share their learning’s around how Digital is shaping the future of various industries.

Mark holds a Bachelors degree in Law and a Masters degree in Constitutional Law from University of London.