Person details

Markus Davies started his film and television career in 1994.  Over the past 16 years he has produced/directed in excess of 600 corporate productions across the globe. Notable productions include international work for Coca Cola, Credit Suisse and Old Mutual.

As television producer he has been involved as content producer for all the local, South African broadcasters, having produced in the genres of comedy, drama, advertiser funded branded entertainment programs (AFP), commercials, infomercials, lifestyle and children’s programming. The BBC, as well as various Asian and Pacific networks has showcased his work.

Notable productions include: Innocent Times, a cutting edge film noir drama series, Kompleks series I and II, a local comedy series, Lappies, Hopla and Lupa, a body of work representing 800 12 minute children’s programs translated into the indigenous languages of South Africa and broadcasted on the local pay TV platform: M-Net. This broadcaster has successfully licensed this work to a global audience in 12 regions.

Markus Davies is currently producing a major international animated kids series called “Digit “and a locally produced international documentary series called “Turf Wars”: a Pentagon approved series that follows 16 US Marines at war in Afghanistan.

Markus Davies is currently employed by Waterfront Studios. In his portfolio he is responsible for Clockwork Zoo, the biggest 2D animation studio in South Africa. Markus also serves as content producer for Waterfront Studios’s production sector. He is currently responsible for a major reality series profiling a controversial businessman in South Africa.