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Class 2012

Martin started his career in Schibested as a trainee. He then joined the team at VG and has been working with VGTV for four years, where he has held positions such as product manager with responsibility for commercial development of online video. He now holds the position as head of programming with the responsibility for VGTV’s entertainment and comedy content productions. Martin has been responsible for the development of all the popular online video series for VGTV, such as “Fanthomas” wich more or less kickstarted exlusive online video productions in Norway winning the national comedy awards and reaching 18 million views on VGTV in total.  Other content productions include series such as The Shit, SMS Rulett, @home, Side by Side 2.0, OsloGirls and Sex & SingelSiv.  Martin is currently responsible for running five different online video series for VGTV.