Person details

Michelle McLin is originally from Northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. and is currently based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Completing undergraduate work in Atlanta, GA and an MBA in Wellesley, MA, Michelle has spent the last decade working in the cable television sector of the U.S. telecommunications industry.  Working for the largest U.S. cable operator, Comcast Communications, as well as Charter Communications and Cox Communications, Michelle has been responsible for pricing, packaging, marketing, selling and servicing bundled entertainment products (300+ video channels; broadband High-Speed Internet and IP telephone) to residential consumer households.  Working in multiple markets across the United States, Michelle has honed her ability to capture general and niche customer bases by crafting and executing profitable go-to-market strategies.

Michelle has also worked as a consultant both domestically and internationally with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and small businesses in the media, entertainment, travel, hospitality and automotive industries.  With these clients Michelle has worked to develop strategies for market expansion, category dominance, product leadership and customer affinity; often leading to investment funding and / or game-changing company results.  Clients have included Columbia House Records, AT&T Broadband, General Motors, Phoenix Media Communications Group, Asatej Travel Group of Argentina and

Most recently, Michelle started the media production company, Shellzworld, Inc. and acts as its Director of Business Operations.