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Mike Morley
CEO Casa Strada Productions, Multi Media Consultant and International bestselling Author, Formerly Chief Creative Officer Sony Pictures Television International, ex- Head of Creative & Commercial Affairs Endemol International, UK

Mike Morley is a 20 year TV veteran having won a host of international programming honours including 3 Royal Televtision Society awards in the UK during his time as a producer, executive producer and editor. He has been responsible for heading the creative and commercial output of two of the industry’s biggest international TV groups. During his term at at Sony from Jan 2009 to March 2012 he oversaw the creation of a global content network, the establishment of companies in the UK, middle east, Spain and Italy and the implementation of a content strategy that resulted in more scripted and non-scripted formats being created, produced, sold and reordered in more countries than ever before. Morley was with Endemol International for 8 years, during which time he held a number of management positions, including managing director of Endemol Poland before moving to Holland to head up Endemol’s global creative team and oversee all of the group’s international creative support teams, format sales, distribution, program acquisitions, legal and marketing units. He played key roles in establishing companies in Russia, India, Brazil and the middle east and also the rollout and exploitation of hits such as Big Brother, Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal and Wipeout.

Prior to Endemol, he held senior roles at Carlton and Central Television in news, current affairs, documentaries and light entertainment. Morley is also an acclaimed international author, writing both as himself and as Sam Christer. He has been published in more than 40 countries with his 2011 conspiracy thriller The Stonehenge Legacy being translated into 35 different languages. His last novel, The Turin Shroud Secret was published by Little, Brown in March 2012 and has already sold in more than a dozen countries including the UK and USA.