Person details

Nancy Glass has worked in television since her teens. At one point she had interned for so long she thought “one day I will be a network president…for credits.” She landed her first on-air job at WBZ-TV in Boston while she was a senior at Tufts University. She went on to anchor and report for several national television shows including: Inside EditionAmerican JournalSneak PreviewsThis EveningThe Miss America Pageant, and Attitudes on Lifetime.

She has also been seen on Good Morning AmericaThe CBS Morning News, CNN, MSNBC, and Nightline.

Some of her “firsts” include: The first woman to be the solo host of a nationally syndicated news show, the first person in syndication to be nominated for a national news Emmy, the first person in cable to be nominated for an Emmy for Best Daytime Talk show Host.

She says that opening Nancy Glass Productions is one of the happiest decisions she has ever made.

She is also Vice Chair of the Board of Advisors of Tufts University and serves on the Board of Advisors for the Greater Philadelphia Film Office and Women’s Campaign International.