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TV Formats Writer and Creative Developer

In 2009, after publishing a children’s book and finishing theater studies, Oren travelled for 14 months around the world. While traveling, he performed street comic theater sketches in front of passers-by and slept on strangers’ couches through the “couchsurfing” community. This unique experience led Oren to come up with an idea and co-create the Factual Entertainment TV format “Couch Diaries” Produced by Artza Productions, and Broadcasted on Hot, Ned 3, and optioned in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Norway. In the following years, Oren graduated from film and television studies at “Minshar for Art Academy “, where he directed a number of short films that participated in several festivals in the world. All along, continuing the dialog between cinema and unscripted entertainment, with the deep understanding that the abilities to tell a good story, build a fascinating character and maintain a strong narrative, are equally important in both worlds.

In recent years, Oren took part in the development process for TV unscripted formats with different production companies and broadcasters, such as Keshet Formats, Comedy Central Israel, Matar Productions and Buzz Productions. During 2012, Oren worked as a Creative Advertising Copywriter in Great Interactive, where he was Content Manager for an online reality format – which broadcasted live on MAKO (Keshet’s web platform). Later on, Oren co-created and served as head of content on “Sub-Culture”, a documentary cultural Television format with cultural critic Rogel Alpher that won a development prize by the The Second Authority for Television and Radio, in collaboration with Matar Productions. The pilot episode is now in post-production. In the past year Oren co-created with Alon Sahar, an original game-show format for Comedy Central Israel (currently in production) and served as creative developer for the Channel 2 prime time game show, “Raid the Cage” on its second season.