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Founder, Handling Ideas, Denmark

Paul founded Handling Ideas from a twenty-year career spanning television and cross-media production at the BBC, theatre management, format development and undergraduate teaching. With one of BBC’s first innovative cross-media productions under his belt, he found himself supporting others within the industry across Europe, helping them to become more effective at responding to the ever-growing need for deeper user engagement and consistent user experience across multiple devices. His signature, a toolkit for mapping, visualizing and prototyping projects spanning film, television, cross/trans-media, games, products, services, communication, marketing, commerce and design.

Paul seeks to unravel complexity, revealing the elements that make up the ten steps spanning the analytical and concept development phases. His methods expose so much, from the ecosystem around a need, right up to the inner mechanics of a concept. It provides a perspective to enable clients to move forward and collaborate more effectively than before.

Paul lives and works out of Copenhagen.