Person details

Class 2012

Randi was born in Bergen on the westcoast of Norway. She started her career in 1993 as a freelance researcher and direcor in NRK’s  youth programme “U”. Here she worked on several documentaries and series, among other NRKs first realityshow “8 & 1/2″, and later “Flekke United”. During this period she also worked for independent production companies, both as a production manager and as an assistant director on drama productions.

From 1999- 2001 Randi  worked for NRK’s Factual Department, producing the consumershow “FBI”, and from 2001-2008 as reporter for the health-programme “Puls “. Since 2008 she has created, directed and produced several lifestyle series, such as ”Bedre puls”, “Hidden talents” and the factual entertainment show “Sold”. Randi produced, and was also one of the creators of the successfull realityseries “Teenage boss” on teenagers and economy. The series was nominated to “Gullruten” and “Prix Europa” in 2012. Currently Randi is producing a reality series on happiness for The Factual Department in NRK.