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Co-Founder & CEO Human

Renato Valdés Olmos (1985) is Co-Founder and CEO of Human, a simple mobile app that helps people move 30 minutes or more, every day. By using passive tracking the app measures the amount of minutes that people move and motivates them to do the Daily 30, the minimum amount of activity to stay healthy.

Human was founded in late 2012 with Paul Veugen in San Francisco, California. The fast growing startup aims to help people to be healthier and happier through technology. Their personal passion for health comes from two completely different angles, but fueled their drive to build the company: Renato used to weigh 320 lbs (145 kg) and went down to 170 lbs (80 kg).

Human is funded by Great Oaks Venture Capital, Vitulum Ventures, Boralis and a syndicate of US-based and European angels including Naveen Selvadurai (Foursquare), Alan Braverman (PayPal, Yammer), Sami Inkinen (Trulia) amongst others.

Prior to Human, Renato founded Cardcloud, a service that allowed people to send and receive digital business cards on iOS and Android. Cardcloud was acquired in 2012 by Moblio.