Person details

Roek Lips
Channel Manager at NPO

Roek Lips (born in 1961) has been channel manager for the Dutch public broadcaster since November 2005.

In 1984, after completing university, Roek worked for various broadcasting companies in a freelance capacity (in both radio and television) and during that period (until 1989) he collaborated on several programmes as editor, director or producer. In addition, he also wrote two books, drama and a number of articles.

In 1989 he went to work for the NCRV broadcasting company as an executive producer for Youth TV, and was subsequently executive producer for both light entertainment and informative TV programmes. In this function, he was an initiator and was also responsible for the development of a number of TV formats.

In 1998, he was appointed television programme manager and became a member of NCRV’s   management team. Besides television management, he was also one of the initiators of various international joint-venture projects.

Roek Lips is an Advisory Board Member of the Entertainment Master Class.