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Sarah Austin
Social Media Speaker

Founder and CEO of
February 2008 Feb. 2008 to present Pop17 New York, New York
Producer, writer, host and creator of online video show
Featured on G4 TV, Better TV, CBC Radio, TechCrunch, Wesleyan magazine,
Personal Branding Mag, New York Times and Conde Nast’s Portfolio
Speaker or host at conferences and corporate events: Streaming Media,
Absolut Vodka, Google Lab, T-mobile, McGraw Hill and PBS.
West Coast Editor
March 2007] [March to Sept. 2007 Gawker Media, San Francisco, CA and New
York, New York
Video, get stories to front page Digg and Fark
Videographer, featured on CNBC, Rocketboom, Gizmodo and Cnet
Award winning lifecaster, speaker, nominated video to IMAX theater screening
in San Francisco
Creative Marketing & Public Relations Executive
Oct. 2006 Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando, FL
Liaison between social media and PR, attracted 28 sponsors
Blog PR, broke 3 records with 140 artist performances
Videographer for the Music shows in Vegas and LA
Creative Director
Aug. 2006 Atlas Citron Haligman & Bedecarre, San Francisco, CA
Producer, filmed 8 location shoots for 6 clients
Host, delivered information in video presentation
Editor, selected compelling content for campaign