Person details

Class 2012

Semira wanted to be a lighting designer, but found herself hosting a nationwide radio-show. From there she moved to TV and hosted several entertainment shows in different channels.  Her passion to music and movies continues as a hobby when she interviews stars of the entertainment world to several medias in Finland. Stardom in front of camera wasn’t what she really wanted. Her decision to study the business side and technical side of the business changed the focus to production side of the TV world.  Studying in several universities around Europe and working at the same time in all those countries gave her a good view of producing in different cultures and forms of production companies. After her studies she decided to start her own Production company and she has created with her team several TV-shows in Finland.

Now 3 of her formats are moving to international market as well and she hopes to continue on the creative side of producing. Semira also just finished a Sibelius Academy course for International Music Management and she is expanding her business to the music management as well. Currently she acts as a executive producer in her own Production Company and she has also started to work as a music manager.